Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tiger Emperor Temple 虎帝庙

I knew about this temple while preparing for the Sibu largest temple's article and I happened saw this tiger temple online. I then asked a lot of my family, local friends and relatives, none of them heard about this temple at all and no one know how to go.

I did a search online, not much information available. The only I found stated the temple is along Jalan Teku and Jalan Aup. My mum knows Jalan Teku but did not know Jalan Aup. So we decided to try our luck see if we can find it as Jalan Teku is a long road.

We drove all the way in via the old airport road then reach a junction and saw Taman Bukit Aup ( 石山公园) then only know Aup means that park so we drove to the way to Bukit Aup. We reached Taman Bukit Aup but did not find the temple. We decided to stop for a while and take a look at this park. I had been over 15+ years never visit this park. There are some stalls selling food so I asked one of the owner regards the temple. Finally there are some youngsters who stay nearby know about that temple. They did not tell us how exactly to go because they had forgotten the road name.

Based on the information, we finally find the place. Here are some directions if you are going via the old airport road. You will reach a junction where left towards Taman Bukit Aup and right towards Jalan Teku. Take right towards Jalan Teku, drive until you see a roundabout then take 12 O'Clock way, go straight until you see Jalan Trusan, then follow the sign of the temple(as shown below). You might not be able to find this small road on google map.

Finally we reached the temple. The temple is quite new, it was opened in Year 2005, so it is 7 years old now. 7 Seven Star General Tigers god(七星虎将军) stay in this temple, which they called as 虎帝庙, if translate to English it is Tiger Emperor Temple. The temple is not like the one you saw traditionally, it is like a cave and there main gate is closed. You have to enter the temple via the two side gates, just like you entering the cave.

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These 2 tigers are the guard for the temple. The one dressed in Red is at the right side and the one dressed in green is the left guard.

If you are coming here for praying, there are sequence for you to follow. The temple keeper will tell you how is it. 

From Left: (2) The one ride on another tiger, (5) The white dressed tiger, the one at the left of (1), (1) The tiger that sat down, (3) The tiger on the one at the right of (1), (4) The sleeping tiger, (7) The one next to (3), (6) The one holding a crystal ball, dressed in blue.

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