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Pingnan Egg Tea屏南蛋茶

Pingnan Egg Tea屏南蛋茶 is a traditional hospitality custom from China, Fujian Province Pingnan district, when the guests visit Pingnan people, they will prepare egg tea. This egg tea is good for healthy. You have to use boiled tea and mixed with egg, then add some sugar or rock sugar to flavour it.

You might be wondering I am introducing Sibu and not China. Majority Sibu Chinese is Foochow people and some of them still maintain the traditional culture. However, this type of egg tea culture is not that common in Sibu. I happened to attend the Pingnan Egg Tea ceremony and got to see how it was made.

**Chinese source taken from Baike Baidu and畅游白水洋

The way that Pingnan society in Sibu did was, they use chopstick to help. Basically this is how they made the egg tea.

  • 80g Tea Leave艾叶
  • 5 cups Water水 
  • 5 Egg蛋
  • Sugar or rock sugar冰糖 (if you wish to be healthy, you may add honey蜂蜜) - Optional

**I am not sure the exact amount of ingredients needed. For the sugar amount, you can adjust yourself depends on the sweetness level you like. If you totally cannot take it sugar, you can just skip it.

  1. Boiled the tea leaves and sugar in the water. According to them you can use most of the tea, they were using normal Chinese tea leaves. The tea must be really hot to make the egg tea.
  2. Place one egg in the bowl. Take one chopstick and place straight onto the egg yolk like the picture below.
  3. Pour the hot tea slowly down along the chopstick until the tea fill 75% of the bowl. You will then notice the egg started to get cooked.
  4. Egg tea is done. You may serve it to your guest.
**Tips: The tea MUST BE HOT when you make the Egg Tea if not the egg will not have the nice shape and the raw egg smell will be very strong.

There are some other recipe of cooking the tea egg online but I can only found in Chinese Version.

  主 料: 桑寄生2两(约80克),鹌鹑蛋8只,红枣8-12粒,冰糖9/2两(约180克)。
  做 法:
  备 注: 鹌鹑蛋壳较鸡蛋壳薄,而且表面花斑斑,即使有裂纹也不易觉察。假若将之放入水中浸煮,蛋白便会从裂缝中渗出,改用隔水蒸的方法,则可避免鹌鹑蛋直接受热,能保证熟蛋完好。


  [功效] 宣肺润喉,除烦止咳 适用于慢性支气管炎、声音嘶哑等。

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