Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Head Prawn Noodle

Big Head Prawn Noodle is very common in Sibu but the price is higher than normal fried noodles. The cheapest I know now cost RM18 and I am not sure how big is the prawn. The most expensive one I heard is around RM30. The price difference might be due to the size of the prawn.

I went to the wet market and checked the price as my friend said Sibu has cheaper price. The smallest big head prawn is RM45, medium RM55, Large RM58 and giant RM60 per kg. (Update as at Aug 2013) The price of the prawn will change time to time and normally it will be more expensive during any festival event like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya.

Pictures below show the size of the large prawn. This costed RM58 per kg.

This is the home-cooked Big Head Prawn Noodle, the one you see at restaurant almost the same as below but of course not as much prawn as home-cooked. Here we put 2 big prawns, the cost already RM14(assume we have 9 prawns per kg). That is the reason why the Big Head Prawn Noodle is so expensive if you eat in the restaurant.

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