Tuesday, August 6, 2013

武吉里麻森林公園 Bukit Lima Forest Park

Taman Rimba Bukit Lima Forest Park situated in the midst of kampong sentosa, a resettlement residential area in Sibu. It’s a cool place to jog, mornings or evenings.The Forest Park is a recreational peat swamp forest where the public can experience the tropical rain forest wilderness. It plays hosts to a variety of flora and fauna comprising birds, bats, lizards, snakes, frogs, terrapins and long-tailed macaques. Besides nature-watching, visitors can go for short treks or jogs. It is a good place for families to work together.

I went for a short leisure walk with mum, we took shortest path. It took us an hour to finish it. It is an easy path as there is wooden path for you to walk and no obstacle at all. The best time to visit is around 2pm-3pm as there are more people around. If you go at later time, there will be less people so you have to take extra care on yourself.

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