Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ka Lang(Olive 橄榄), Buah Dabai

This fruit(or vegetable?) is very common in Sibu or the Sarawak and if you go to central market, you will definitely find stalls selling it. We call it Ka Lang(In Foochow), in Malay it is known as Buah Dabai(Video), if I translate from Foochow to Chinese,it is  橄榄 and again if I translate to English, it is Olive. This is definitely not the one that make the olive oil that you can buy in the market. The taste is totally different from normal Olive and Sarawak Olive. It can be found along the riverbanks in Sibu, Kapit and Sarikei divisions.

My mum and sister love it very much, I can't remember the taste well as I don't really take it, not too sure why but I kind of reject this fruit. So I don't know how to differentiate whether it is good or bad. In market, they usually put it in the basket like the picture shown below and there will have a cup with some sample for you to taste, then only you decide whether to buy.

This normally go with rice in local but we do treat it as snack. Mum and sister can finish 1kg at a go. This is how much they like it. How we cook this? I only know one way which I see from young until now.

How To Cook?
  1. Wash the Ka Lang(not rinse), so that it is clean and safe to eat as you are going to eat the skin as well. Some people will throw away the skin while they eat
  2. Put the Ka Lang in deeper bowl or cup and pour hot water to it until it is covered. 
  3. Use lid to covered eat so that it is well cooked. My mum normally leave it for 20-30mins, but I guess it depends on the texture you want
  4. Pour the hot water away when cooked, add soy sauce and sugar to it.(It depends on how strong the flavor you like) Mix well.
  5. Optional: Serve with rice