Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sibu Night Market 诗巫夜市场

The Pasar Malam (Night Market) is situated in the town centre. Local traders will usually set up their mobile stalls at around 7 pm-11 pm. Items on display are general Malay and Chinese delicacies, clothing, daily necessities, handicrafts and others.

The vibrant Night Market sets up every afternoon around 5pm and operates until 10pm or sometimes later. The stalls offer all manners of household goods, footwear, fashion items, and all varieties of food.

It is not a big market but worth for a visit. It is also a good place to grab your dinner, snacks & bites here.

Here are something to share from the night market.

The roasted area with all the roasted pork and duck. I never try before but you will see at least one stall selling all this food.

Below show the dim sum that we can find in night market. This type of dim sum not like the Hong Kong Dim Sum that we have. This is foochow dim sum.

The white dim sum in the middle is siew mai which is made by pork of chicken. The orange one behind it, is like a sandwiches without vegetable, it will normally fried first, then steam so when you buy, it is still hot. The brown item in front is the steam gong pia with meat. Whar is Kompia? You may refer HERE for detailed description.

More food items can be view HERE.

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