Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Midin or Milian 美林蕨

Tender midin or milian, one of the famous vegetable in Sarawak. Some people call it Paku but locally we call it milian or bilian depends on the dialect. It is kind of wild fern and it cannot last long. Once it is picked freshly, best to consume within 3 days, else it will turn black like the vegetables got poison. I used know that this vegetables found only in Sarawak but I did tried before at Port Dickson, looks alike and texture also alike. My friends said their hometown and Cameron Highland also have but I am not sure if they are referring to the same vegetables. So I thought Midin/Milian or Paku is the same vegetables until I saw this article.

In Sibu, you can ask the cook(or you can cook at home) to stir fried it with Foochow Red wine, balacan, soya sauce etc, at your own preferences. The recent way that Sibu people like is to cook it in Thai style. This is one of my favorite vegetables.

The picture on right cooked with balacan and the one on left is the Thai style.

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