Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sibu Central Market 诗巫中央市场

The Central Market is the biggest indoor market in Malaysia. It is home to thousands of stalls selling everything from fresh vegetables and fruits to live poultry. You can get almost everything you need here.

I always like to walk around this market to check out if there are special items found.

Location: Jln Channel opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal

This is traditional Foochow Wedding Cake(Leh Pian *in Foochow Diaclet*). In the old time, when the daughter married, the parent will distribute this cake as gift to relative and friends. My favourite traditional cake, although it is slightly sweet for some of the people.

The traditional ingredients comes with addition of pork lark and buah kundur (or winter melon). However, due to healthy reason of whatever, pork lark is used less.

This way of wrapping I think is unique to my home place.  Each chicken(duck is treated the same) is neatly wrapped in some newspaper and tied by nylon string. I grow up with this environment, so I thought all the market's live chickens and ducks are selling in the way as in the picture below. However, I only know about it recently when a friend of mine from West Malaysia came and visited my hometown. (All the while I thought other places also sell like this) He told me about the funny way we sell the birds and I only found none of the other places are selling it in this way. Quite interesting right!

Another type of oranges that you can see very commonly in Sibu. Basically Sibu people love this too.

Local fruit, Ka Lang(Olive 橄榄) that is very common in Sibu. You always can taste before you buy, there normally have a cup with cooked Ka Lang for you to try out.

Level 2 is the eatery stall and also lot of boutique shop, selling clothes and some household stuff. Level 3 is the car park and the highest level is the badminton court. 

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