Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bek Ding Yuok(八珍药)

"Bek Ding Yuok" (八珍药 in Chinese)(or pek ting ngor): The soup of eight essences - nice, sweet, tasty and nutritious Chinese soup made of at least eight types of Chinese herbal materials. It is good for health especially helping in recovering from lost of blood.


This type of herb soup seems not very common at other places, they said it should be good for ladies. Like my friend in West Malaysia, they said guys never drink this. However, in Sibu, I think generally all people despite the gender will drink the soup.

It is basically a black soup, which usually have 2 tastes, sweet and bitter version. I personally like the sweet version and that is the only sweet soup(not dessert) that I drink.

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