Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rajang(Rejang) Esplanade 江濱公園

An ideal place to relax or take an evening stroll, the Esplanade was completed in 1987, using reclaimed land along the river front. it is frequently used for cultural performances and public events. It is located along Maju Road and strategically facing the mighty Sungai Rejang (Rajang River), the longest river in Malaysia.

You may check out the local tour that run for Sibu Rajang Esplanade Walking Tour. Some local tour that I found online as reference. I have to claim that I had never visit via the tour and do not know the standard, but cannot advise which is the one to go for.

This place used to have a fountain but it had been removed and replaced with below.

The Swan - Sibu's Majestic Icon. You will see quite a lot of swan statue like this in Sibu town.

There is a restaurant by the river at Rajang Esplanade. I never try before but heard that it is expensive.

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