Sunday, February 12, 2012

KTM Edible Mushroom Culture Farm

The first large scale mushroom farm in Sarawak has generated much interest among locals and foreign visitors alike. Set up with the expertise of a grower from China, the farm produces some 8 to 9 varieties of edible mushroom for local consumption and propagation. The main varieties produced here are the Lingzi (chinese medicinal applications), Oyster and Abalone mushrooms (culinary usage). Seedlings are available for sale to add to your private vegetable garden.
 An interesting specie found here is the Bamboo mushroom. Although it requires 60 days of germination, it only takes half an hour to bloom before it is ready for harvesting, failing which rot will set in. Large size abalone mushrooms make delicious "steak" a la black pepper.

Come 1996, the farm will be re-located to a bigger premise at Km 18, jalan Ulu Oya. In the meantime the farm welcomes visitors at its Jalan Umpi Rantai location, Off Upper Lanang Road. However, one is advised to pre-arange for a view of one man's fascination affair with fungus.

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