Sunday, February 12, 2012

Foochow people福州人

Fuzhou People福州人 is the largest population in Sibu. The people of Fuzhou (福州人), also known as Foochowese and Hokchewese, usually refers to people who originate from Fuzhou region and adjacent Gutian district(古田县), Pingnan district (屏南县)MingChing(闽清县) district in Fujian province of the People's Republic of China and in Matsu Islands of the Republic of China. Majority of native Foochowese are Han Chinese and are a part of Min-speaking group, who speaks Eastern Min language or specifically Fuzhou/Foochow dialect.

In Malaysia Fuzhou people are referred to as "Hockchiu". There are significant numbers of Fuzhou people in Malaysia, mainly in Sibu, Sarawak; Sitiawan, Perak; and Sri Jaya, Pahang. In fact, there is a saying that Sibu is the “small Hock Chew province”, Sitiawan is the “small Sibu” and Sri Jaya is the “small Sitiawan”.

I myself never been to Sitiawan and Sri Jaya, so I am not too sure if the traditional culture is still maintain in both of the places. In Sibu, we do keep some traditional but along with the time going, more youngster start to forget where we from and normally do not practice the traditional culture. However, it is glad that there are certain Foochow society in Sibu try to maintain and educate the next generation on our mother culture.

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