Monday, July 9, 2012

How To Travel To Borneo Without Plane?

This seems to be an interesting topics recently when some travelers actually interested to go to Malaysia Borneo - Sarawak & Sabah without any plane when they are at West Malaysia. So I did an online search to find out if there is a way.

It is possible to travel to Borneo but it is not that straight forward. You need to have more times as I think one week is not enough for such a long travel. There is no way you can drive or take bus directly from West Malaysia to East Malaysia so do not ask me about what bus you can take.

I dun think there are any ferry or boat that can bring you direct from West Malaysia to East Malaysia unless you have the money to charter your own boat or may be tag along with cargo ship(totally no idea how this can be done).

If you want to travel Borneo from West Malaysia, you may try below method. I never try before, do leave me a message if you have do that as I am really interested to know the process. I am not too sure how long is the journey but I think you can travel along the way.

  1. From West Malaysia, travel to Singapore by bus or car.
  2. From Singapore, take fast sea ferry to Batam/Bintan(Indonesia Island)
  3. From Batam/Bintan, catch Pelni Ferry to Java, then Indonesian Borneo, Kalimantan. Find the map for Indonesia, you will know where is Java & Kalimantan. I am not too sure if there are other Ferry Service other than Pelni.
  4. From Kalimantan, find your way to cross over to Sarawak. I know if you drive, should be no issue. Not too sure about the public transport etc.

Hope this helps!

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