Friday, June 15, 2012

Traditional Bean Curd

Bean curd also known as Douhua (Chinese: 豆花) or doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花). This traditional bean curd that you can find almost everywhere at the night market in Sibu. Of course, you can find it in the morning market, but it normally packed with sugar and sale in pack during morning time.

It is usually served either with a clear sweet syrup alone, with ginkgo seeds suspended in the syrup, or in a sugar syrup infused with pandan. They will scoop the bean curd from the big container below and add with syrup. Some places, they will add in soy bean milk to replace the pure syrup, which make it taste more "bean". It usually served in hot, however, if you want to eat with cold, you can buy back and put in the fridge for 30 mins, then you will have cold bean curd, best go with hot weather.

In some other places of Malaysia, however, the most popular kind is served in hot and sweet ginger water.

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